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The exibition The Park Fourmiville

Imaginary city our ants are human with our qualities and our defects

horaires Cheverny

a faithful architectural reproduction of a Loire Castle, famous by its deer hunting


Imaginary castle completely realized in resin

horaires Le château Fantastique

The city of the Wild West with its station, its cemetery and Daltons

horaires Feerisville horaires

a faithful architectural reproduction of a Loire Castle

Azay le Rideau horaires

The besieged Fort required one working year for two persons

The fortified castle horaires

About 15 000 pieces of wood were necessary to realize the castle

Feudal motte

Come and discover 7 giants animated and sound models historical or Imaginary   imaginary.

Mixture of several carnivals

52 engines animate the model

horaires Le Carnival The Plants Games area

Outdoor games area, equipped for our little guests and their parents where they can play in total safety.

The inflatables, the family games, carillon of bamboo, Japanese billiards and so on.... the playground complements itself permanently: other games are every year added    


The aquatic botanical garden presents almost hundred water plants,  

The park evolves according to the bloomings                                       

Bamboo were planted thirty years ago by Mr Jourdy by love of this plant surprising

Inflatables  and Family games


Gérard's dad was an  herpetologist which collected the poison of the reptiles of France and we'll discover a part of his collection.

 It is planned to go up an exhibition redrawing mister Jourdy's life

Gaelic Village

Diorama realized for the greater part with natural materials

horaires Exhibition

 of Asian snakes

and giant naturalized insect