With family, friends, for an outing, a walk with the children, come to discover our park ! located in Limousin between Limoges and Saint Junien


La Boutique-Feeriland

Nathalie & Gérard are the creators of the animated and sound universes as well as the park. They are proud and happy to present their work


The exihibition:

Seven  giant scale model animated  and voiced  imaginary or historic models

the park :

• The aquatic Botanical garden with almost hundred water plants

• giant bamboo


• A multitude of activities are planned for adults and children alike, including Grown-up SUMO WRESTLING adults  and children for a fit of the giggles, inflatables

Le Saloon

atmosphere Country music - coffee - ice creams -  waffles - sweet - salted - cold or hot Drinks

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